Celina Rausch (she/her)

aka Celly Cellulatius

22 years old

last update: december 2022

A brief summary about me

— Who am I?

Hello dear future friend, business partner or fan! I am Celina, but please call me Celly. Nice to meet you!

i am a quality-driven art director who always wants the best and most suitable for the brand in campaigns and media, balancing between digital and print ideas for the perfect match. My personal preferences are in the digital world and I love doing animations, all kinds of videos, social media content and more. 

How I would describe myself

Feared by many when it comes to gaming, Ialways havea few secret weapons up my sleeve when it comes to my creative designs. Warning: Risk of underestimation!

Dreamy, creative and a little nerd: That’s the best way to describe me. At first glance rather quiet, but can get very loud with Adobe CC, Procreate and much more. My goal: I want to touch people with my designs the way they touched me. Emotions in designs are stronger than you think.

brands I have worked for

program knowledge

Adobe CC 91%
Blender/Cinema 4D 68%
Procreate 89%
Microsoft Office 82%

creative knowledge

video cutting and editing 87%
campaign ideas out of the box 70%
Logo Design 78%
Illustration 83%
2D-Animation 89%
photography 79%
creating print media 70%
videography 84%

I canvideo edit, cut videos, create campaign ideas, create a logo design, create an illustration, make a 2D-animation, take photos, make folders, animate, think of ideas out of the box, create print media, create social media posts, create social media ads, create a brand, think of a brand name, be a content creatorfor you!

currently learning

starting with little to no knowledge

Game Art/Game Design
Pixel Art
Programming a videogame from scratch

currently learning

starting with basic knowledge

3D Animation
3D Modeling
Unity/Unreal Engine 4 (and 5)
Deeper understanding of camera settings, light usage in videos
Languages learning: french, japanese

get to know me and my personal interests!