Hello, I am Celina

or Celly to keep it simple

The History

— How it all began

With the knowledge of basically how to sketch something
with a pencil, I wanted to learn more about design.

I had a rough start. Learning how to make everything digital
and not just on paper was challenging at first.
But now I make designs and more for a couple of years,
freelancing and in my job.

My Mission

I want to create designs that touch the heart and stay in mind forever.

Good Designs are not always the ones
who are continuous and stable, 
its the ones which are moving you.

— What's Next

Creating my own business is my final goal, but that is still a long way to go.

What's My Motto

If you look back at your old designs and think
"I made a lot of mistakes back then",
you have already improved yourself.

Celina Rausch


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